August 25, 2009

Photos of show trials show evidence of torture

Top photo: Ramezanzadeh (left) from June, 2009 prior to his arrest, and (right) this week during his trial.  Bottom photo: Former Vice President Abtahi before his incarceration (left), and after (right).
According to Mousavi’s Facebook page, photos of the 4th “show trial” of the prominent reformist figures show clearly that they have been under pressure and torture since their arrest, right after 12 June election. Norooz has more:

The Participation Front (reformist) Party in a strong statement condemned the indictment that was prepared by the coup agents and read in today’s “show trial” and stated that this “show” is just a pathetic means to legitimize the coup administration. It added that the only things dominating these “show trials” are the violation of legal and judicial procedures, and the political will and propaganda machine of the oppressors. Ramezanzadeh, senior member of the Participation Front, after the “show trial” by emphasizing on his previous positions as a reformist and condemning the process of the court said that he has been in solitary confinement for 74 days and also was violently arrested 3-4 hours after the election results were announced, so he has no information to comment. Ramezanzadeh added that he was treated harshly while in detention.

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