According to Etemadmeli (Karroubi’s official newspaper), decade old and prominent newspaper ‘Sedaye Edalat’ (Voice of Justice) has been shut down and its permit has been permanently revoked.
The reason for the closure of ‘Sedaye Edalat’ has been attributed to “criticizing the Iranian government and Ayatollah Khomeini”. However, according to Etemadmeli, in the July 26th publication of ‘Sedaye Edalat’ the editor of the newspaper indicated that Ayatollah Khomeini implemented Article 27 of the Constitution for a reason and the current government has failed to respect and uphold the principles set out by the Ayatollah.
Article 27 of the Iranian constitution indicates: “Unarmed assemblies and marches may be freely organized, provided that no violation of the foundations of Islam is involved.” This is further evidence of the regime’s clamp down on the press and freedom of speech in Iran as a number editors and journalists have also been arrested.

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