August 24, 2009

Reformist trials, TV confessions set for tomorrow

The fourth session of the trial against  reformist activists and protesters will resume on Tuesday. According to Emruz, a pro-reformist news website, the trial will be held at the 15th branch of revolution court in Tehran. Saeed Hajjarian is among the accused reformists who will be present at the court tomorrow.
Emruz also reports that state-run TV will air the confessions of prominent reformists on Tuesday night.  Many of the top leaders of the reform movement, including Saeed Hajjarian, Mohsen Amin Zadeh, Mostafa Tajzadeh, and Mohsen Mir Damadi, are expected to explain their role in plotting a “velvet revolution,” though each of them has reportedly been abused during their time in prison, making their televised statements largely suspect.
For an insightful analysis of Iran’s televised show trials, read Laura Secor’s New Yorker piece “The Iran Show.”
Meanwhile, Zainab Hajjarian, Saeed Hajjarian’s daughter says that her father will be present in court tomorrow without his lawyer to defend him.

“Although my father has been arrested for more than two months, his lawyer, Dr. Riahi has not been allowed to meet and get access to his case’s details,” she said.

Zainab Hajjarian also mentions that Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran’s Prosecutor, chose his friend, Mr. Salahi, as Hajjarian’s new lawyer.

“Dr. Riahi, Saeed Hajjarian’s lawyer will be preset in court tomorrow, but he is threatened not to say any word at court otherwise he will be responsible for further consequences.”

Saeed Hajjarian, who was shot by a member of the Basij militia in 2000 in an unsuccessful assassination attempt, is still unable to speak with a clear voice and must use a wheelchair to get around.  His daughter says that since her father is not able to speak, someone else (perhaps, another arrested reformist) will read out his written confession for the audience at court tomorrow.

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