Mowj Camp, a pro-Mousavi website created recently, has reported that the hardliners “are extensively preparing to prevent the presence of [Mousavi supporters]” at the Friday prayer.
“After hearing about the decision of Mousavi supporters to attend and the possibility of a green movement to form at the Friday prayers, supporters of [Ahmadinejad] have become extremely worried and are trying to weaken the presence of the greens and overshadow them.”
According to reports received by Mowj Camp, Mansour Arzi and Saeed Hadadian, two Ahmadinejad supporters, are responsible for mobilizing people to participate at the Friday prayer to interrupt Hashemi’s sermon by chanting slogans against him.  The first 10 rows have reportedly been designated to these individuals.
Other government authorities, Basijis and students at a military university are also mobilizing Ahmadinejad supporters to attend and disrupt the sermon.  “Many of Pasdaran soldiers have been denied an off day so they fill up the grounds and prevent the presence of green supporters.”

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