azam-taleghani1A’zam Taleqani, the head of Society of Islamic Revolution Women of Iran and the daughter of Ayatollah Taleqani, Tehran’s first Friday prayer Imam after the Islamic revolution, in a letter to Assembly of Experts criticized the government officials for going on summer vacation at such a sensitive time.
According to Mowj Camp, which published Taleqani’s entire letter, she addressed the MPs saying, “people voted for you with their hopes up.  At a sensitive and critical time like this, is it time to go on summer vacation instead of inspecting prisons and institutions that stand against the people? How do you sleep at night while people are being injured, arrested and killed in the streets…?”
Taleqani also harshly criticized the violence, torture, and arrests asking “with what permission are detainees being severely beaten, tortured, and treated inhumanely?”
In the end, Taleqani warns the authorities that the security and political system of the country is in danger and advised them to investigate the situation of all prisoners wherever they are.

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