August 16, 2009

Mousavi Reveals Details about Election Day

Mir-Hossein Mousavi today shed light on what transpired after the polls closed on election day.
“Initially, I thought what I witnessed was due to mismanagement, and I tried personally to contact officials of the nation,” he said. “That very day I called the Chief of Judiciary twice, the Prosecutor-General twice, and the Speaker of the Majles twice, and the House of the Leader four times to raise the issue.”
Mousavi added that some days before the election he took into consideration “specific information” about multiple “scenarios” that could have occurred on Election Day, which he received from the “great wave of people who contacted” his campaign organization.
Mousavi confirmed that he had predicted some of the events of Election Day, such as the attacks from that afternoon against his campaign organization.

Mousavi criticized the people who called the election protests dependent on “foreigners,” turning their arguments against them by arguing that they are the ones who have served the interests of the West.
“To find the main suspects, look amongst the people that organized the toxic propaganda that attacked the people’s confidence and peace–with their melancholy resolutions, they have served the enemy.”
“Certainly the currents that have attacked the people in Kayhan and Seda va Sima [IRIB multimedia channel] in the past two months have supplied the interests of America and the United Kingdom.”
This happens at a time when Kayhan is accusing Mousavi of “clear cooperation with foreigners.” Officials of the Judiciary have accused some of the imprisoned post-election protestors of “clear cooperation with foreigners” as well.
Mousavi said that the government “violates the basic principles of judicial procedure” in the mass trial of political detainees. He added, “If the frequent reports we are receiving are true, then we must all bury our heads underground.” [It appears he is referring to claims of rape and Abu
Ghraib-style abuse by the guards, and the deaths that have occurred].
Mousavi said if the recent reports by Mr. Karroubi prove true, it makes reaching a solution much more difficult, and “it greatly widens the scope of justification for protests and pessimism.”
Mousavi emphasized that it is not possible to execute some parts of the Constitution but “throw away” other parts of it.

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