IRNA has an interview with Manouchehr Mottaki about US-Iran relations. Policymakers will be interested to know how he frames the issue. He denies an alleged meeting with US congressmen, contrary to what Iran’s own al-Alam network has reported. From IRNA:

In a statement that appears simple but in reality is laden with meaning, Iran’s Foreign Minister said: “Since we are a nation that is very business-minded, it’s obvious that we pay complete attention so that we do not buy expensive things or sell our own products cheaply.”
He said, “We are observing the American government to see if the actions of Barack Obama’s government match with the stated policies of the American government in relation to regional issues and issues exclusive to the Islamic Republic.”
“Albeit, we believe that the measure of the compliance between this government’s stated policies and its actual policies is currently not large enough to be worth paying attention to.”
In another portion of this interview with IRNA, Mottaki talked about his surprise visit to Washington September 30: “Although the US gave a positive response to an Iranian Foreign Minister’s request to visit Washington, this cannot be taken as a sign of the state of our relationship.”
“I went to Washington to take care of business relating to the Interests Section — problems and affairs of Iranian living inside America – and nothing else.”
Mottaki denied reports that he met with two Congressmen on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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