July 16, 2009

Minister of Intelligence continues to send mixed messages about prisoners

According to ‘Etemadmeli’ (Karroubi’s official newspaper) the Minister of Intelligence has stated that there are no specific time lines for the release of the political prisoners that have been captured during the recent demonstrations. This comes in direct contrast to statements that he made less than two weeks ago, in which he indicated that every prisoner except for a few that are to face judiciary tribunals will be released within two weeks.
Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ezhei stated: “the tribunals at the judiciary and intelligence levels have not conducted their research yet and we will not provide an exact time line for the release of the prisoners.”  Over the past 7 weeks there has been a vast number of arrests made, with the majority of the arrested being political prisoners. Many legitimate political parties and media personnel including journalists have been detained and not released and those that have been released have been forced into confessions that have been broadcast by the state media.

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