Hamzeh Ghalebi, one of Mousavi’s allies since his days as Prime Minister, has just been released from prison. He was forced to make a public confession in the August 25 court trial. More from the Majles Reformists’ news service Parleman News:

The President of Mousavi’s Youth Organization Hamzeh Ghalebi has been freed just hours ago.
He was one of the members of the Islamic Iran Participation Front and is very close to Mir Hossein Mousavi. He had a fundamental role in Mousavi’s campaign to be elected Prime Minister [in 1980], specifically in garnering the support of Imam Khomeini.
Nearly 70 days ago he was arrested, and he was under great pressure to make a public confession alongside Sohrab Tabatabaie and Mohammad Reza Jalalipour on August 25. But ultimately he did not do so.
Ghalebi was one of the well-known religious Reformists who was arrested and was brought before the courts in last week’s trial for public indictment, but he was not indicted on any charges on Tuesday.

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