A reader sent us this video of a song by the masterful Iranian singer Shajarian, called “The Language of Fire.”  Fereydoon Moshiri wrote the lyrics, translated below:

Lay down your gun,
As I hate seeing this very abnormal shedding of blood.
The gun in your hand speaks the language of fire and iron, But I, before this fiendish ruining tool, Have nothing but, the language of the heart, The heart full of love for you, Who are friendship’s adversary.
The language of fire and iron is the language of fury and bloodshed.
The language of Genghis’ force.
Come, sit down, talk, hear.
Perhaps the light of humanity will get through to your heart
Oh brother, if you hear me, sit down like a brother Lay down your gun.
Lay down you gun,
to let go this murderer devil.
What do you know about humane religion?
If God has bestowed us life,
Why you should take it?
Why for a moment of ignorance,
Roll this brother in blood and dirt?
Supposedly you tell the truth and you are righteous in all times, And you are right.
But, the truth should not be followed
By the force of this language of intolerant blaster.
If your sleepy conscience is awakened this time, Lay down your gun.

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