July 17, 2009

Karroubi attacked at the Friday prayer

Parleman – Karroubi’s son reported that plainclothes forces made good on a threat we reported on yesterday to attack Karroubi at the Friday prayer.

“When my father was moving towards Tehran University, many people were behind him and were asking him to defend their rights by chanting slogans but suddenly the anti-riot police in front of him shot bullets in the air so Mr. Karroubi asked the people not go any farther…At this point they (riot police) put my father in a car to take him to the University but when he was getting out of the car, a group of plainclothes attacked and insulted him in such a way that his turban fell off.  They started cursing and using very foul language.”

Karroubi’s son expressed his disappointment at such a behavior and said “I was not able to get inside the University because of the crowd and as I was standing outside, I saw that the commander of the plainclothes forces was praising them for a job well done over his radio.”
Regarding a violent scene he witnessed on his way back home, Karroubi son said “I was very sad that I witnessed such scenes in the Islamic Republic.”
“On my way back home, I witnessed several plainclothes forces who had gathered around a Peugeot car…two of them were on top of the car and were destroying it and in the mean time I saw that passengers of the car were injured and blood was gushing towards the sky as if their wrists were slit and I was very sad to see this scene.”
update: the Guardian published this picture, which appears to show Karroubi after his turban was knocked off.

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