July 21, 2009

Karroubi: “As a member of this institution I apologize for the lies and deception that the government is using”

According to Etemadmeli (Karroubi’s official news agency) upon attending the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam (Mohammad) Karroubi stated: “in the aftermath of the presidential elections unfortunate events took place that were new and the reactions to these events were very strange and outrageous.”
In voicing his sympathy for those who were directly affected as a result of the government backlash, Karroubi went on to say:

“After the elections, people made a legal claim by asking the fundamental question of ‘where is my vote?’ This query was followed by non-violent and peaceful demonstrations, but unfortunately they [government forces] stood in the way of the people and as you witnessed the chaos in the cities; they answered the people with riot police, batons, tear gas and bullets.”

“Those who committed these atrocities have made ridiculous claims that it was not they who committed these acts.  Are they not aware that we live in the age of communication?  Do they not know that there are witnesses, pictures and live footage of them committing these heinous crimes against humanity? The entire world is now aware of what you have done.”

Karroubi concluded his speech by stating:

“I have been fighting in the name of Islam for the past 46 years and I’m glad to see that we remain on the right path.  We must be smart and not follow the lies of this government. My heart is with all those who are detained and I pray for their immediate release.”

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