4:16 pm: IRIB uninvited from EBU’s annual meeting –According to PeykeIran, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has removed the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) from the list of attendees at its annual gathering “in response to Iran’s policies regarding foreign journalists during the recent events.”  IRIB responded by calling EBU’s act “unprofessional” saying “the purpose of regional radio and TV unions is using the full capacity of media, collecting and publishing information and providing freedom and advancement of the media in the world.”  IRIB is an associate member of EBU.
4:13 pm: PeykeIran released a report based on Mousavi’s meeting with friends and relatives today.

On the anniversary of Imam Ali’s birthday (which is also father’s day) Mr. Mousavi meet with friends and supporters at his residence and stated: there are two kinds of accountability: accountability that is driven from popularity and political accountability. When a government is formed outside the norms and laws that it creates it loses accountability in the eyes of the people. This weakens the government and forces it to take coercive measures. All governments try to have higher levels of accountability, however this government has lost its trust and accountability of the people and this has caused it to be substantially weaker.

If this government does not change its behavior it will not gain the accountability that it has lost and will face a strong opposition from the people, something which will not be beneficial to the government and the nation. My aim is to oppose this government within the realm of the law.

4:09 pm: SMS out of service again – Amir Kabir newsletter reports that shortly after it was reactivated, text messaging service in Iran is once again out of service.  The officials have never given an explanation to the public about why service has been cut.

1:27 pm: Parleman News: Artists who support Mousavi have been forbidden to appear on IRNA

According to Parleman News, Iranian artists who support Mousavi will not be allowed to appear on IRNA.

“Hundreds of renowned artists including directors, actors, musicians, writers, and poets had announced their support for [Mousavi] during the 10th presidential elections…It seems like these artists, who played an important role in encouraging people to participate in the elections, have to pay a heavy price.”

Parleman News reported that as the first step, the names of several artists were removed from the production list of an upcoming program.  “The reason was said to be their support for Mousavi.  Other individuals have also been banned and their names will soon be announced.”
12:31 pm: According to state-run Fars News, Mousavi’s campaign hired “beautiful women” who were each assigned the task of recruiting at least 10 male supporters each day.  The women were reportedly paid $50-100 per day for their services.
Also, Fars is reporting that Mousavi’s campaign budget was an estimated $800 million.  (It should be noted that Barack Obama’s campaign, the most successful in American history, did not raise that much money in nearly 2 years.)
12:13 pm: Mousavi campaigner killed – Khatami’s facebook page released this story yesterday, though it remains unconfirmed:
Hamid Maada Shorche–who was one of Mousavi’s campaign managers in the city of Mashhad–has been killed. According to Khatami, this individual was arrested a few days ago and suffered a beating and was tortured. Upon his release his conditions deteriorated and he passed away a few days later. “The official autopsy has reported that the death was due to an internal bleeding of the brain.”
12:07 pm: BBC Persian is reporting that supreme leader Ali Khamenei has released a statement:

“Feeling depressed and sad after your favorite candidate has lost is normal, however it is the fault of western nations for giving our people titles such as hooligans.

The west should not meddle in our affairs and their reaction to the current events will play a significant part in the future dealings with these nations.

Khamenei further described the competition among the presidential candidates as a “sibling competition.”
12:01 pm: Poem for the Rooftops of Iran – “Listen Closely” – This video, taken on June 20, was posted by the same young woman who previously posted this video poem.
[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAXW-73qy1o]

“Khodaya khob gosh kon agar khabidi bidar sho daran sedat mikona” – “God, listen well, if you are asleep please wake up, they are calling your name…”

11:40 am: Mousavi’s twitter page is urging his supporters to take to their roof tops every night at 10 pm and shout ‘allah akabr’. This should be done till the grand demonstrations which are planned for July 9.
10:42 am: Amir Kabir Newsletter: The father of Ahmadinejad’s son-in-law disowns his son – The father of Mehdi Khorshidi, Ahmadinejad’s son-in-law, disowns his son 22 days after the elections.  Prior to the elections, Ahmad Khorshiki Azad said in an interview with Etemade Melli newspaper that he will vote for Rezaei.  Khorshiki Azad said “unfortunately, the next day my son said that ‘my father’s statements are personal and have been influenced by others…Now it is my responsibility to announce a few things.”  Khorshiki Azad said that during the past four years he has been the target of “accusations and character assassination” and warned that if this continues, he will “reveal documents to inform the people about what is being done to a disabled war veteran who is alive by relying on oxygen mask.”  Khorshiki Azad continued by disowning his son saying that “I no longer have a child named Mehdi…I gave a polite and devout son to Mr. Ahmadinejad but he returned someone who does not refrain from any accusations against his own father.”
9:59 am: On its front page today, Karroubi’s official newspaper “Etemadmeli” reported that Mousavi will form a new political party.

The party will consist of Mr. Mousavi and his close supporters, with the aim of legally and politically representing the people of Iran.

The newspaper is reporting that by establishing a political party Mousavi is following in the footsteps of Karroubi who in 2005 formed his own political party called ‘Etemadmeli’.
Mousavi’s political party does not have a name yet. “It’s official goal is to challenge the flaws of the central jurisprudence of the Islamic Republic and to represent the people of Iran”.
9:53 am: “Students who participated in protests will be deprived of education” – According to the newsletter of Amir Kabir Polytechnic University, Mahmoud Mollabashi, Vice Minister of Science, Research and Technology in Hamdedan, said that students who participated in recent protests “have harmed the nation materially and emotionally…and upon identification, they will be deprived of education.”  Mollabashi added “the students who were active in protests will be dealt with harshly and this ministry is in the process of analyzing the gathered information and will announce the results regarding these students in several universities in the country.”
9:40 am: According to Moujeh Sabz and IRNA, a meeting has been scheduled between Mousavi, Hassan Khomeini (Khomeini’s grandson) and Hashemi Rafsanjani. The purpose of the meeting is to protest the election results.
9:35 am: Karroubi’s facebook page just sent this message to all its members:

For countering Ahmadinejad’s false propaganda, we are in search of volunteers. Please reply if you are interested and say what country you are residing in.  Thank you.

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