December 1, 2009

Iran Protesters #1 in Time Person of the Year Poll

TIME is polling its readers to find out who should be the 2009 Person of the Year and guess what–currently leading as the number one candidate are the Iran Protesters.
This is great news and a reminder to the world that the Iranian people continue their struggle for democracy, even when the headlines focus elsewhere.  Many of you have joined the campaign to encourage the editors of TIME to make Neda Solton, who has come to personify the Iranian people’s battle, Person of the Year.  Today’s poll shows that these efforts are paying off.
There are a total of 10 candidates, including Barack Obama (who won in 2008 and is the current runner up), Steve Jobs (ranked third) and the Somali Pirates (currently ranked last).
Head over to Time.com to view the candiates, see the current results, and cast your vote.

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