October 19, 2009

International Community Must Condemn Human Rights Violations in Iran

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran announced that the international community needs to urgently condemn a number of child executions that are to be scheduled in Iran.

“United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, who issued a detailed report on the grave situation of human rights in Iran on 13 October, should lead international efforts to persuade Iran to halt imminent executions of child offenders. In addition, “P5+1” governments, which are engaged in negotiations with Iran, should call for an immediate halt such executions.”

Iran is one of the only countries that conducts child executions and is the only country since 2008 to actually carry them out. This is done despite Iran being party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child – an international convention that prohibits the death penalty on persons accused of committing a crime under the age of 18 – and Islamic principles that support banning child executions.
The United States and the other members of the P5+1 must press Iran on this fundamental issue of human rights. This is a veritable soft-spot of the Iranian regime. The issue of human rights is a constant reminder to the Iranian opposition that the international community supports them and engages in action that consistently keeps the Iranian people in mind. In other words, the action of holding the Iranian regime responsible to their signed commitments to human rights and its people is the raw fuel that sustains the burgeoning opposition in Iran.
If member nations of the UN, nation-states, organizations, or individual members want to see real changes in Iran, they must remain persistent on holding Iran to its commitment of human rights.

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