July 31, 2009

How many have been detained or killed?

The sad truth is that the world still does not know how many people have been arrested or killed since the turmoil began after the June 12 elections. The Guardian has been trying to keep track:

A month ago today, the Guardian began an attempt to record the names and faces of those killed or imprisoned in Iran since the 12 June election – and we asked you to help, locating the blogs, Facebook profiles and news stories connected with those in the protests against what was claimed as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory.
Iran’s official figures for the six weeks since the election include 2,500 arrests in Tehran alone, with as many as 150 still in jail and 30 dead. The true figures are believed to be much higher – the death toll could be in the hundreds.
Our figures come from human rights groups and campaigners inside and outside Iran, news reports and our users. They are: 80 dead, around 750 still detained, just under 100 released and 10 missing or not heard of since the mid-June protests.

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