Empty UN
According to khabaronline, even the members of the Lebanese delegation were absent during Ahmadinejad’s speech at the General Assembly yesterday.
The Iranian government has won many friends in Lebanon and amongst the Palestinian people by railing against Israel, the occupation of the Palestinian territories, and its military action in Lebanon. In the annual Quds Day rally in Iran, people are encouraged to pour into the streets and show their firm support for the oppressed people in the Middle East who are against Israel.
That changed this year, though, when the occasion turned into an opportunity for Iranians to protest their government. Many asked themselves why they should sacrifice for Palestine and Lebanon while people in Iran are suffering from state-violence, discrimination, and injustice themselves.
“Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, I sacrifice my life for Iran” was among the slogans that people chanted during Quds Day rallies in Iran last Friday.

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