According to Mousavi-related news site Nowrooz News, Atefeh Imam — the 18-year old daughter of Mousavi’s Chief of Staff — has been released after one day in prison.
Nowrooz News runs the headline “Unbelievable New Details about the Arrest of Atefeh Imam“: (h/t New York Times)

Atefeh, the 18 year old daughter of Javad Imam (Mousavi’s imprisoned campaign Chief of Staff), after had been kidnapped and detained in an undisclosed location for nearly 28 hours was set free around dusk near Tehran’s cemetery yesterday in bad condition and without any money while her purse was taken! She was under pressure to “confess” to having unethical relations with some of the imprisoned political activists!

As Trita Parsi wrote in Huffington Post yesterday, the Islamic Republic’s arrest of Atefeh Imam represents the government making good on its threats to the Reformist camp. Atefeh Imam’s mother, Leyla Jalalzadeh, said in an interview with Mousavi campaign newspaper Kaleme that they arrested her daughter to put pressure on her father to make a confession.
Javad Imam was the Mousavi’s campaign’s Chief of Staff and a high-ranking Reformist politician.

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