October 2, 2009

“Ahmadi, Israel, Congratulations on your Marriage!”

While metro trains in the US are normally filled with the sound of music leaking from iPods, Iran’s are filled with political chants. Seen here in Tehran’s metro system, (yes, they have a metro system, a very advanced one I might add) are people chanting, “Ahmadi, Israel, congratulations on your marriage!” Followed by, “Basjis, Israel, congratulations on your marriage!” During the protests following the election, Basijis were called “Israelis” by other Iranians, because they responded to small attacks, people throwing rocks, with a disproportionate amount of force and guns.
There are a few lone voices chanting, “Death to Israel,” but those don’t seem to take hold. They are probably from Ahmadinejad supporters unhappy with the predominant chant. At the end, the tried and true “Death to Dictator” is chanted. Despite Ahmadinejad’s strong words against the state of Israel, many Iranians seem to see them as one and the same.

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