September 2, 2009

72 died in post-election unrest, Iranian opposition says

Alireza Beheshti said to Kalame (a news website associated with Mir Hossein Mousavi) on Wednesday that the special  committee examining the post-election situation has verified the death of 72 people in the unrest since the 12 June disputed presidential election. Revealing the new numbers confirms suspicions that the death toll was at least more than double the official figure. The chief commander of the IRGC had previously said in an official interview that the total number of deaths in the post-election crisis was 29 – 9 ordinary people and 20 members of the Basij militia.  In the mean time, Hossein Ta’eb, the commander of the Basij, told the media that 8 members of the militia were killed in the post-election unrest which is different from what IRGC had officially confirmed. Beheshti, Mousavi’s special envoy in the fact-finding committee, said that none of the names on their list are members of the militia; thus, the total number must be higher than 72.  He also mentioned that there are still many families who are afraid of approaching the committee with regards to relatives killed in the unrest; they do not dare to investigate the facts through official sources out of fear of further consequences.

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