IRNA announced today that the first group of protesters will be put on trial soon.
Tehran’s prosecutor issued a statement regarding the post-election events in Iran and announced that the first group among the “central agents of turmoil” will be tried on Saturday, August 1st.
According to the prosecutor, some of these agents were arrested by the security forces and the Basij and some were identified from photos taken at the riots and “as they were committing a crime.”
“Of course some their partners who are also in the photos are currently on the run but will certainly be identified soon with the help of the people and handed to the law.”
Tehran’s prosecutor listed ten charges that are going to be brought against the individuals in this group:

  1. Attacking military centers with firearms and bombs
  2. Attacking government centers and setting them on fire
  3. Destroying public property
  4. Creating terror among the public
  5. Contact with militant and hostile groups like Mojahedin
  6. Violence against the police and security agents
  7. Violence against the people
  8. Destroying people’s properties
  9. Reporting for foreign and hostile media
  10. Distributing materials against the holy regime of the Islamic Republic
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