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Staying on Top of Iran and Middle East Related News

Most news on Iran is generally very biased and lacks nuance. This is why we strongly believe in supporting and promoting reliable, nuanced and unbiased journalism. 

As a student group or leader, it is incumbent upon you to be properly informed on the issue at hand. Make sure you have a fair and balanced approach to issues. Don’t just rely on your usual news outlets – diversify your information, so you can be informed about the various opinions on the issue. This will help you be better prepared to address concerns from the opposing side. You should also read opinions of bloggers as they can give you an interesting take on current events and policies.

The following is a growing list of news websites, blogs and twitter accounts we recommend checking out for reliable and nuanced coverage of Iran and other Middle East related news. 

**Note – NIAC is not responsible for the views or opinions expressed in the aforementioned blogs.**


You can take a look at the following list of websites and blogs for news updates: 

  • Iran Unfiltered: NIAC’s weekly digest of Iran’s news through analysis and translation of Farsi sources inside Iran.
  • Al-Monitor: Middle East focused news analysis website drawing on journalists within the region, including a section on each country.
  • The Iranian: Iranian focused website on Iranian and Iranian-American issues.
  • Atlantic Council’s Iran Source Blog: The Atlantic Council’s blog featuring a diverse array of perspectives on U.S. foreign policy towards Iran.
  • Middle East focused analysis website that offers critical takes on U.S. foreign policy.
  • Bourse & Beyond: The Atlantic Council’s blog focused on financial and economic matters with respect to Iran.
  • Tyranny of Numbers: The blog of Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, prominent Iranian economist and professor at Virginia Tech. 

One of the best ways to keep up with Iran related news is on Twitter. You can follow these accounts for regular updates: