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Legislative Resources:

  • NIAC Praises 9th Circuit Court Rejecting Trump Administration’s Latest Attempt to Ban Grandmothers September 7, 2017
    Ryan CostelloRyan Costello
    “In the face of defeat, the Trump administration tried to double down and ban grandmothers and close family, and we are relieved that this latest effort to tear families apart has also failed.”
  • NIAC Statement on Apple’s Decision to Restrict Iranian-Made Apps August 25, 2017
    NIAC Statement
    Apple’s decision to restrict mobile apps made by Iranian developers may be an overly cautious approach to U.S. sanctions compliance that undermines U.S. interests by limiting the Iranian people’s access to technologies used for personal communication.
  • Memo: How Might Trump Undermine and Break the Provisions of the JCPOA July 31, 2017
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    On July 17, 2017, President Trump reluctantly certified that Iran has complied with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement implemented by the Obama Administration. Following the certification, the Trump Administration then placed sanctions on Iran citing its testing of ballistic missiles and support for Syrian President Bashar ...
  • Action Needed to Clarify Legal Basis of U.S. Military Actions in Syria July 6, 2017
    Ida AdibiElnaz Moghangard
    As the two-year anniversary of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) approaches, uncertainty over the Trump administration’s commitment to the Iran nuclear deal is growing, heightening the tensions in the Middle East. At a Senate hearing on June 13, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson remarked that although Iran was ...