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Legislative Resources:

  • Muslim Ban Statistics Show Continued Discriminatory Impact August 14, 2019
    While the Muslim ban is no longer being implemented in front of TV cameras at airports across the country, the latest data from the Trump administration shows that its impact is still extensive – particularly on Iranian nationals.
  • NIAC Statement on Bolton Seeking War with Iran January 13, 2019
    NIAC Press Release
    It is imperative that this Congress investigate Bolton’s request for war options and pass legislation placing additional legal and political constraints on the administration’s ability to start a new war of choice.
  • Restoring U.S. Credibility: Returning to the Iran Nuclear Agreement November 19, 2018
    NIAC publishes a report on the need to salvage the JCPOA and prevent further disastrous consequences.
  • Sanctions Snapback: Trump Reverses Iranian Sanctions Relief November 1, 2018
    President Trump’s snapback of nuclear-related sanctions on Iran previously waived under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iran nuclear deal, will be finalized at midnight on Monday, November 5. While a portion of the sanctions previously waived under the JCPOA came back into force on August 7, the ...