August 14, 2009

University of Tehran may not open in fall

According to the news that mowjcamp received through reliable resources, High Council for Cultural Revolution is considering a proposal in order to postpone first academic semester (Fall semester 2009) in all Iran’s universities, or at least in the University of Tehran. A close source in Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology told mowjcamp this decision might be made to prevent possible protests by the university students in the new academic year 1388-1389 (2009-2010), which should start in less than two months. This source also mentions that High Council for Cultural Revolution might bring up the excuse “to slow spread of swine flu” among students to justify this plan.
If classes do go forward, the University of Tehran’s students who could not take their delayed exams due to 12 June election and further violence will be allowed to take the final exams later this summer and continue their studies in the fall, regardless of whether they took their exams on time.

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