Season three: “The beginning of the end of the coup d’état”
Mir Hossein Mousavi will attend this week’s Friday Prayer and he would like everyone who is part of the green movement and wishes for a democratic Iran to attend, saying:

“You are the messengers; the fate of the Friday prayer is in our hands so please urge everyone to attend.”

Fasle 3

  1. The best opportunity to notify everyone of the Friday Prayer is for the green movement to take to the streets on Thursday at 5 pm and spread the news.
  2. Try and mobilize your friends and relatives and encourage everyone to attend that Friday Prayer.
  3. If you have access to internet, please make prints and inform everyone. In addition try and bring a picture of Ayatollah Mahmoud Taleghani who was the father of the Tehran Friday Prayer.
  4. In chanting, be cohesive but please avoid using rude and improper chants. The best chant is ‘Ya Hossein….Mir Hossein’. Also do not forget to take pictures and record the footage.
  5. In chanting please avoid chants that will depict you as hooligans. Our aim is to prove that we are not hooligans and that we are here to demonstrate against the fraudulent elections. This way even the anti-national media will be unable to call us anti-revolutionary.
  6. Before and after the Prayer feel free to peacefully gather in the major city center especially around the University of Tehran.
  7. Please try your best and avoid using violence or getting into confrontations with the government forces.
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