Most major newspaper coverage appear to have missed that Khamenei had appointed a moderate Friday sermon candidate, in hopes that his speech might set a moderate tone. Today’s Friday sermon called for unity, in contrast to Ahmadinejad’s pre-sermon speech, and tried to change the focus of the debate. Another sign that Ahmadinejad might have ruffled Khamenei’s feathers with his speech today.
From Fars News with the headline, “The Crimes of the Zionist regime are Amongst the Most Exceptionally Horrible in the World:”

Substitute Friday Prayer leader Hojjat-ol-Eslam Kazem Sedighi called the Zionist Regime’s crimes amongst the most exceptionally horrible in the world and said, “This regime uncourageously steals the youth of Palestine, this regime tears out their [the youth of Palestine’s] internal organs, and returns the bodies in the worst condition to their families for holding funerals.”

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