December 27, 2009

Hundreds arrested & the face of Ashura

Government forces have shown no mercy today as they have arrested any and everyone in sight–from typical young protesters to 80 year-old grandmothers at the University of Tehran. What they will do with all of those arrested is unknown as space is probably limited. A police officer who spoke to a young protester today, said that protesters have burned at least 56 police vehicles in his county alone. The protester also said that he heard about 400 people alone have been arrested.
This video shows  protesters surrounding and burning a police vehicle.  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOiehHxjZRM&feature=player_embedded]
The following video from today posted on Facebook shows protesters holding up a Basij helmet, almost as a symbol of victory.
Also, numerous graphic photos have almost emerged, showing bloodied men and women. This graphic picture (update: apparently unavailable now) shows a young girl who, despite her face bloodied face seems very calm. Many are already calling her the face of Ashura.

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