August 14, 2009

Friday Prayer Leaders Launch Unprecedented Attack on Karroubi

Friday prayer leaders in several large cities have launched into an unprecedented attack on upon opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi. These hardline leaders are calling for his trial. Quotes from BBC Persian‘s reporting:

In the Friday prayers, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said, “The Judiciary has clearly announced that the sexual harassment that [Karroubi] claims has occurred is a lie, the Special Committee of the Majles also says it is a lie, everyone has said this sexual harassment is a lie.”
Mohammad Saeed, Friday prayer leader of Qom, said that the publisher of the claims of sexual abuse of the prisoners must face judgment and receive “maximum punishment.” “Unfortunately, these claims have created improper consequences and implications for the Islamic Republic.”
Ahmad Elmolhadi, Friday prayer leader of Mashhad, called Karroubi “A follower of the enemy’s system and an agent of Arrogance [the United States],” who “wants to bring shame upon the Islamic system at the national and international levels.” Therefore, Karroubi “should not be free inside this country, but he should be under legal persecution and face judgment.”
He said Mr. Karroubi must prove his claims and writings, otherwise, “We must confront him as if he were a terrorist.”

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