August 15, 2009

7 Bahai leaders being tried for espionage

The Iranian government will try seven members of the Bahai religion Tuesday on charges of spying for Israel and “insulting sanctities.” The faith is considered heretical by the leaders of Iran. Here’s more from the BBC:

“The trial of the seven Bahais accused of spying for the Zionist regime of Israel and insulting sanctities will be held on Tuesday,” Hassan Haddad of the Tehran’s prosecutor office said, the official Iranian news agency reports.

Last year relatives of the six Bahai leaders arrested in May said they had been taken to Evin Prison in Tehran after intelligence ministry officers raided their homes in the middle of the night.

Hundreds of Bahai followers have been jailed and executed since Iran’s Islamic revolution in 1979, the Bahai International Community says.

The Bahai faith was originally founded there in the 19th Century by Bahaullah, who his followers believe to be a prophet.

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