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February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Looms as Candidates Make Final Pitches

The clock is ticking. Campaign funds are being extinguished as the campaigns pump every last effort into turning out the vote for their candidate. This is where Tuesday February 5, 2008 leaves us, the granddaddy of all campaign days: Super Tuesday.

In the Republican race, Romney is trying to survive as he lags further behind in the national race.
A key battleground to watch tomorrow will be California. California is running a closed primary tomorrow, so Iranian Americans will have a great role in deciding who snares the Golden State because 20% of California voters are self-described independents, and

Also, the economy remains a key concern among GOP voters, and all voters in general, so look for more economic chest-pounding by the candidates because California and several states were affected heavily by the economic downturn.

Obama and Clinton have all hands on deck as spouses, surrogates and the candidates themselves trek the country for precious votes in tomorrow’s primary. Obama is contesting Clinton strongholds like New Jersey and even her home state of New York, and again, the substantial representation of Iranian Americans will be a huge factor in who captures these delegate rich states.
All in all, tomorrow makes for one of the more exciting political dramas we’ve seen in the last few election cycles.
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