January 23, 2008

Election 2008: The Importance of Involvement

Over the past few weeks I have been working feverishly gathering information and resources concerning the upcoming elections (both Presidential and Congressional). I remain amazed at the wealth of electoral knowledge and information that is easily available to everyone. No doubt many of the people who are reading this blog have already received NIAC reminders concerning the elections (as the notices are time sensitive those who have later primaries or caucuses will not receive theirs until later) and have seen how much information is really at your fingertips when it comes to voting and participating. It is our position at NIAC that every Iranian American can help initiate change and progress and to do so requires diligence and effort.

Two of the biggest obstacles to increased voter participation in this country have been the general lack of informed and active voters (the entirety of America has a dreadfully low voter turnout) and the inability of voters to engage themselves in gathering information. Naturally, this is something we at NIAC have been fighting against and we have spent a lot of energy to provide objective and comprehensive guides to both the candidates (Our guide to presidential candidates’ views on Iran is here) and the elections themselves. The first and simplest step to participating in the whole electoral process is to register to vote (NIAC voter registration page). The point of all of this is to show how simple and crucial it is for Iranian Americans to inform and involve themselves in the electoral process. As political tensions continue to intensify and become more complex, it has become clear that a lack of informed and active Iranian Americans will do irreparable harm to the Iranian American cause.

The following links are NIAC articles covering the electoral process and Iranian-American impact on the elections.

Presidential Primaries:

Congressional Elections:

Senatorial Elections:

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