August 28, 2008

Denver is like DC on steroids

From every one of the city’s natives I’ve talked to, I hear the same thing: “I’ve never seen the streets like this! I cant believe this is Denver!” Someone said it is like the sidewalks have been “Anne-taylorized.”

After little more than three days, I can confidently conclude that the convention is all the politicking, networking, socializing, and drinking that turns the wheels of Washington, but magnified and condensed, and with a couple of celebrities thrown in.

Charlize Therone was here, as was Ben Affleck, and Winonna Rider. Tom Hanks starred in a video montage on the trials of army reserve officers when they return to their regular lives after multiple tours of duty.

And the Republicans are here too. I was talking to a reporter from Politicker who said he saw Mitt Romney at the convention center. When he realized it was the former Massachusetts governor and prospective VP pick standing behind him on the escalator, the reporter promptly began grilling him on why he was there. Romney responded that he was at the Democratic convention just to have a good time!! Word on the street is that the other prospective Republican VP picks are here too.

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