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The BBC has reported that Israel and the United States are about to begin a two-week long military exercise that will involve around 2,000 military personnel. The Israeli military has stated that “the exercise was not a “response to any world events” but had been planned for a while.” However, it is hard to see how the lengthy military exercise is anything but a response to the ongoing tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.  
The lengthy exercise will test Israel’s new radar system, as well as simulate a missile strike on Israel “from all points south, east and north.”
In contrast to the official position of the Israeli military, an anonymous commander informed Israel Radio that the joint training was “to prepare for a nuclear Iran.” This is probably a much more accurate assessment of Israel’s purpose in participating in the war games. Over the past month, segments of Israel’s government have agitated for a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.  
Within Israel, the exercises are viewed as both sending a warning to Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians and also assuring the Israeli population of continued U.S. support. Analysts have said that if Israel feels more secure it may return “to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.” The latter Israeli perspective represents a possible beneficial result: further quieting some of Israel’s more vociferous supporters of a military solution to Iran’s nuclear program.
Such a result would, hopefully, allow U.S. negotiators more freedom in their dealings with the Iranian government, since Israel has been one of the wild card problems for U.S. supporters of engagement with Iran.

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