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May 24, 2010

Peace in our time!

The era of threat and force is over! At least according to President Ahmadinejad. During a meeting last Thursday in Tehran with Kuwaiti Speaker Jassim Mohammad al-Kharafi, Ahmadinejad stated:

Those, thinking that they can be influential through threat and force, should know that the era of such behaviors is gone.

The thought of Ahmadinejad claiming to want to engage in “logic and dialogue” instead of using force and threats to solve global issues gives a little bit of hope to peace loving individuals everywhere. Of course, I’m not holding my breath.
Iran has been reaching out to several states in an effort to strengthen bilateral ties, given the uncertainty at home. In regard to “Iran-Kuwait ties, President Ahmadinejad said both countries can run the region along with each other and guarantee full security there”. In addition, the Kuwaiti speaker has said that it has always been ready to remain by Iran and that it proved that it ” seeks fully peaceful nuclear energy and follows diplomacy of dialogue to solve all problems”.
What is ironic is that a few weeks ago, Iran was accused of running an espionage ring in Kuwait after seven people were arrested in connection with a spy cell. Iran denied it and said that the Kuwaiti government should “not be trapped by tricks”. “The claim discussed by some media on discovering a spy cell in Kuwait seeks undermining bilateral ties,” the Iranian embassy in Kuwait said in a statement.

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