July 31, 2009

Kayhan Thinks the West is Confused

The ultra-hardline Kayhan newspaper, which frequently serves as the mouthpiece for the supreme leader, yesterday cited a variety of sources, including John Bolton, to argue that Washington is confused about what to do with Iran. [Memo to Tehran: Bolton doesn’t speak for the Obama administration.]

You only have two months, but we will not negotiate anytime soon!

Numerous published reports demonstrate the U.S. and West’s strategic confusion.
While John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN, announced “Obama has no new strategic thinking about Iran,” news reports indicate that the old strategy has also broken down and the U.S. and Europe are in a state of total confusion.
One proof of this confusion is that during the past month, the US President, Foreign and Defense Ministers have arrogantly requested negotiations with Iran…[They] even set the end of September as a deadline for negotiations without saying what they are going to do if Iran does not respond to their need for negotiations.  This invitation – combined with threats!- also appears in the G8 statement.  The U.S. Foreign and Defense Ministers have emphasized on their sense of urgency for talks, particularly during the past week.  Despite this, Javier Solana, the European Union’s foreign policy representative, claimed nuclear negotiations with Iran are not possible in the near future because of election issues and human rights violations in Iran.
He added: “I do not think Iran will respond to the offer made by the 5+1 group for nuclear talks…anytime soon.”

In the meantime, Newsweek Magazine, claiming that negotiations will give Iran legitimacy(!), requested stopping and delaying talks and wrote: “The best strategy is to stop for now.”
Newsweek also wrote: So far some things have been imposed on the West and it will face more impositions and Iran will move closer to building the atomic bomb.
These confusions are happening as John Bolton…wrote in the Wall Street Journal: The worst thing is that Obama has no new strategy regarding Iran, only promising a policy of carrots and sticks, while sanctions have been hollow and ineffective; and Iran will continue its path without paying attention to United State’s request.  This is the same failed strategy of six years ago.  There is no reason for Iran to suddenly accept Obama’s diplomatic efforts after the elections.
Bolton also stressed: Israel has broken under Iran’s pressures and the current time is strenuous for Israel. Recent statement of Hillary Clinton is actually the United States green light for conversion of Iran a nuclear power.
He added: Sarkozy, the French President, also speaks of resumption of talks with Iran by September but every day that passes Iran’s nuclear capacities increases greatly.
At the end, Bolton emphasized: US relations with Israel has deteriorated more than ever since 1956 and the Suez Canal crisis and Gate’s message to Israel was in fact avoiding an attack on Iran.

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