Meet Mehdi Hasan, keynote speaker at Building a Movement

Mehdi Hasan will be a featured keynote at Building a Movement, NIAC’s D.C. Action Summit, taking place September 29th and 30th. Building A Movement is packed with experts like Mehdi so you can leave knowledgeable about the issues that affect the Iranian-American community and ready to take action. Join us at the Summit to be part of our movement.


How Iranian-Americans Should Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day is a time to celebrate the labor movement and the contributions it has made to strengthen our rights as workers, from establishing and raising the minimum wage to fighting for weekends and overtime pay. Despite numerous attacks on the right to unionize, workers have continued to fight against injustice in the workplace for decades. And a large part of their success has been their ability to organize workers across the country.

I can’t help but think about how the Iranian-American community can learn from this movement. With the numerous attacks on our community, from the Muslim Ban to the human toll of sanctions, we have to come together and organize to fight Trump’s policies make our voices heard in Congress. Ultimately, just like the labor movement, we need to build political power to win. 

That’s why we’re building a team of leaders and activists across the country to bolster the voice of the Iranian-American community and advocate for change, and we want you to be a part of it. Building a Movement will give you the basic knowledge and skills you need to organize your local community, from expert panels on the upcoming midterm elections and issues affecting the community to practical skill trainings like how to register voters and recruit volunteers.

Join us and let’s build a movement together.