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Senator Cardin: Don’t Sabotage the JCPOA

Today, Senator Cardin tweeted support for Senator Menendez’s Senate floor speech attacking Biden’s diplomatic efforts with Iran. Neither Menendez nor Cardin have ever proposed a viable alternative that could do a tenth of what the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) accomplished and could achieve again. Rather than try to sabotage the JCPOA, Senator Cardin must give space for diplomats do their jobs and restore the nuclear deal. But Cardin won’t change his tune unless he hears from constituents like you.

Take one minute today to call Senator Cardin and call out his bad tweet take and his efforts to sabotage diplomacy.


Step 1: Dial 844-ACT-NIAC (844-228-6422) to connect with the Capitol Switchboard and ask the operator to connect you to Senator Cardin’s office.

Step 3: When you connect with the office, whether it’s with a person or the voicemail, make sure to say your name and that you are a constituent and share your concern about the Iran nuclear deal. Here is a sample script:

“My name is [your name] I am a constituent from [your town] calling to express my disappointment in Senator Cardin’s support for Sen. Menendez’s speech attacking Biden’s Iran negotiations. The negotiations are reaching a critical stage and the success of diplomacy is important to me because [a sentence about why you care about the JCPOA]. Does the Senator agree with Senator Menendez’s call to adopt Trump’s failed maximum pressure approach to Iran?”

Step 4: Text 5 of your friends or family members in Maryland to ask them to make a call as well! The more calls we can generate, the more likely we are to put pressure on the Senator to adopt a better position on the nuclear negotiations.