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Maziar Zia is active in the Iranian-American community and, in addition to  is the Los Angeles NIAC Chapter Captain. He has been involved in drives to promote higher participation of our community in elections. He worked on getting more Iranian-Americans to register to vote and to cast their votes in 2020 Presidential election and in 2021 California Governor recall. Los Angeles Chapter under his leadership has work diligently with California’s Senators and Congresspersons to end the Muslim Ban, provide support for JCPOA, and to enable Iranians access to medicine (which has been limited due to sanctions) specially during the Covid19 Pandemic. The chapter also produced events for Norooz and Shabe Yalda to promote and celebrate Iranian culture.

He is also a big supporter of Iranian Football Team Melli. He is one of the founders of our Team Melli events. Maziar speaks 4 languages and has lived in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the States. This experience has encouraged him to be a champion to promote cultural diversity and cultural acceptance. Maziar works on breaking down division between people through cultural sharing.

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