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NIAC Action is proud to be launching the largest Iranian-American voter outreach campaign in history. But It takes a big team to do this—and we need your help! NIAC Action volunteers have been (virtually) phone banking and texting Iranian-American voters directly to learn what issues matter to them. Ready to make some calls? Check-out our upcoming phone banking events below. And make sure to sign-up to volunteer here!

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We're approaching the biggest election of our lives, and as the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization in the country, it's time to harness the power of our community and #BeshkanTheVote! By pledging to vote this November, you're taking the first step in helping achieve four MAJOR goals that'll benefit the Iranian-American community this November, and for years to come. Our goals are straightforward:

1. Run the largest Iranian-American voter outreach and turnout EVER to… 
2. Elect a record number of Iranian Americans into office, 
3. Elect pro-Iranian American majorities in the House and Senate, and 
4. Defeat Donald Trump! 

Pledge to #BeshkanTheVote and stay up-to-date on everything you'll need to know ahead of election day—and more importantly to ensure YOU are counted among the tens-of-thousands of Iranian Americans heading to the ballot box this fall.

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We highly encourage you to vote early and safely by absentee ballot. Absentee voting is conducted by mail-in ballot before Election Day, November 3, 2020. Each state has different rules for how you can request an absentee ballot. You can request an absentee ballot here.

Please note: if you're in the United States, you must be registered to vote before your state will send you an absentee ballot. Register to vote here. 

California residents: Please note that some counties in California have adopted the new elections model brought forth by the Voter’s Choice Act. The Voter’s Choice Act provides flexible voting options and expands the voting period. Voters in participating counties will have three choices for how to cast their ballot: vote by mail, ballot drop boxes, and vote centers. Learn more here.

In 2020, we've redoubled our efforts to serve as a powerful resource for Iranian Americans running for office, including by endorsing in a presidential election for the first time ever.

To build Iranian-American political power we must also invest in our community's champions at local levels. That’s why we’ve endorsed Iranian-American candidates for everything from City Council through State Legislature elections. Win by win, we are building a strong and sound political pipeline that will ensure a win in every layer of our government. 

Check out our amazing slate of 2020 endorsees and learn how to support them here.

The 116th Congress considered many issues of importance to the Iranian-American community, including the Muslim ban that has separated Iranian Americans from their loved ones and bills to block the Trump administration from starting a war with Iran without Congressional approval. The following scorecard reflects how each legislator performed in our key issue areas by focusing on key votes, bills, and letters. 

Download a PDF of the scorecard here or view it on Google Sheets here.