Nicole Leah Dayani


Nicole Leah Dayani is a​​ self-taught chef​ and graduate of UCLA​ with her B.A in Sociology,​ currently working in real estate. Nicole has a deep passion for reinventing traditional Persian cuisine as a way of connecting to her Persian heritage​. She believes that ​both the kitchen and the dinner table are Meccas of the home, where stories, laughter and joy emanate togetherness. The inspiration behind ​her passion for cooking and ​food creativity are ​her mother and her grandmother. From the ways they meticulously choose produce to the way they gracefully place food on the table, benevolence is present with every bite. ​Her purpose here is to share ​her foodie creations with all of you, so please come along and join ​her​ journey @NicolesKitchen on Instagram