Neda Maghbouleh

Sociologist, Author

Neda Maghbouleh is a sociologist, professor, and author of The Limits of Whiteness: Iranian Americans and the Everyday Politics of Race. Published in 2017 by Stanford University Press, her book draws on neglected historical, legal, and social evidence to understand Iranian Americans’ complex entanglements with racism and race. Neda’s award-winning book and other peer-reviewed research publications appear in University and high school syllabi throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and her ideas are cited and disseminated in press venues like NPR, The New Yorker, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Le Monde

In 2020, Neda was granted early tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto with a rare “excellence” rating in both domains of evaluation, research and teaching. Neda now holds the Canada Research Chair in Migration, Race, and Identity and leads a research team called RISE: Refugee Integration, Stress, and Equity, conducting a major study that follows 50 Syrian newcomer families over the first 5 years of their resettlement in the city of Toronto. In August 2021, she will begin a yearlong residential fellowship in Vancouver, Canada at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study (University of British Columbia) to work on her second book, Disintegration, a comparative analysis of Canada’s Syrian Refugee Resettlement Initiative and the U.S.’s Muslim Travel Ban.

Twitter: @nedasoc