Kayla Tabari

Healthcare Researcher

Kayla is a recent Harvard graduate and first-year Ph.D. student planning to research racialized healthcare disparities in the Middle Eastern community. She is also a registered nurse and has been helping to vaccinate the public during COVID-19. 

Kayla earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of San Francisco. After having the honor of attending countless births in the Labor and Delivery setting as a nurse, she decided to put away her clogs and pursue her childhood dream of studying medical ethics. She went on to earn a Master in Bioethics at Harvard Medical School. Her time at Harvard illuminated her interest in research and academia. 

After graduating from Harvard in 2020, Kayla received a fully-funded and stipended position as a Ph.D. student at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. There she is guided by Dr. Hassouneh and Dr. Erickson as she trains to become a health equity scholar. Her passions lie in conducting research and supporting people in the spaces of life’s most powerful transitions, particularly childbirth and stillbirth care. Her focus is on childbirth, ethics, and racialized healthcare disparities in the United States.