Dr. Majid “Amir” Moarefi


Dr. Majid “Amir” Moarefi is an ophthalmologist and healthcare advocate who has volunteered at medical clinics all across the world. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and completed his Bachelors in Arts at UCLA. He achieved 2 Masters Degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Healthcare and Management Administration before beginning his career in medicine at the Chicago Medical School. During medical school he obtained a great desire to pursue Ophthalmology because the specialty provided a mix of medical and surgical precision as well as many opportunities for volunteer and mission trips around the world to help blind impoverished patients. 

After finishing medical school and before starting his residency, Dr. Moarefi took a sabbatical year and moved to South America where he volunteered at various medical clinics, took classes in Spanish, and lived with local families, while backpacking around the entire continent. He became fluent in spanish during his trip and was excited to continue his journey in medicine. After his trip, he completed his Internal Medicine Internship at UC Irvine before moving to Cleveland Ohio to start his residency in ophthalmology at Case Western University – University Hospitals, where as a senior resident he was elected the Residency Wellness Representative and was decorated with awards and scholarships.

During his training, Dr. Moarefi developed a strong interest in patient healthcare advocacy at the grassroots and national level. Dr. Moarefi has a natural passion for helping and connecting with others. His interactions with his patients seem to become instant friendships, making the relationship more personal. His volunteer work in South America allowed him to see the necessity for healthcare being accessible to everyone, especially in a developed country. His passion for advocacy earned him a board position on the Government Relations Committee of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons; he is the youngest member of the board. With this position, he travels to Washington D.C. at least once a year to advocate and defend patient rights and their access to healthcare in front of Congress. 

Dr. Moarefi’s desire to help goes beyond his backyard. He has completed 2 medical mission trips in his first 2 years of practice, including a mission trip to Amman, Jordan to provide surgery to the Syrian refugees who have been displaced from their homes. He completed over 200 surgeries.

Recently, Dr. Moarefi gained national recognition for his philanthropic service of providing free medical treatment to the protestors against social injustice during the Black Lives Matter movement. He treated and triaged over a 1000 patients that sustained bodily and eye injuries from rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, and police brutality during these protests. Dr. Moarefi was able to form a coalition of physicians and other healthcare providers to provide help and treatment to those afflicted around the country. His work earned him recognition on national news syndicates like NPR and even Fox News.  

Instagram: @doctor.amir.md