Aida Shahghasemi


Aida Shahghasemi is a Minneapolis-based vocalist and musician with roots in Iran. Aida attended the University of Minnesota where she studied Psychology and Anthropology with a focus on the cultural aspects of Persian Classical Music and the challenges faced by Iranian female vocalists. While at the University of Minnesota, Aida established the non-profit organization Iran’s House of Art, a program which uses art exhibitions, film screenings, lectures and concerts by Iranian musicians to improve the way the public understands Iran. Aida earned her Master of Arts in Politics from New York University where she also served as an adjunct instructor teaching a course she developed on arts activism in Iran. Aida has worked with a number of Art and Social Advocacy groups as a musician, graphic designer, and developer and was an Assistant Program Coordinator of the Making Waves Social Justice Theatre Troupe at Hamline University.

Aida has been a touring member of Iron and Wine and Marketa Irglova’s band, and has also been a recording artist on two of Glen Hansard’s albums. Aida has two albums entitled “Wind Between the Horse’s Ears” and “Cypress of Abarkooh” released in 2015 and 2019 respectively. Aida is a McKnight Music Fellow and serves as an adjunct faculty in the MFA program at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Aida is working towards her second master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is the co-chair for the Growth and Sustainability pillar in the executive board for Student Affiliates of the American Psychological Association.

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