NIAC Welcomes President Obama’s Iran Sanctions Veto Threat

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Washington, DC – The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) released the following statement regarding the announcement that President Obama would veto new Iran sanctions legislation: 

“NIAC welcomes the President’s promise to veto new proposed sanctions on Iran that would violate U.S. commitments under the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) and scuttle the potential for a historic nuclear deal in the months ahead. NIAC strongly opposes the proposed legislation expected to be introduced in the Senate next week.  

“Any new sanctions on Iran would fracture the international coalition, end the enhanced constraints and verification measures now in place on Iran’s nuclear program under the JPOA, and put the U.S. and Iran back on the path to war. Far from strengthening U.S. diplomacy, new sanctions would tie the United States’ hand in negotiations and undercut the efforts of our negotiators to secure necessary compromises to resolve the nuclear dispute.

“By derailing these diplomatic efforts, sanctions would not only scuttle what may be the United States’ last best chance to secure a nuclear deal, but would also severely undermine other key interests. Congress risks undermining efforts by both the U.S. and Iran to counter ISIS, as well as the potential for addressing other critical regional issues and concerns regarding human rights.

“NIAC urges members of Congress who seek a peaceful resolution of the nuclear dispute to oppose these new sanctions and instead support the diplomatic efforts underway.”


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Jamal AbdiJamal AbdiJamal Abdi joined the National Iranian American Council as Policy Director in November 2009, directing NIAC’s efforts to monitor policies and legislation, and to educate and advocate on behalf of the Iranian-American community. Abdi joined NIAC’s team following his work in the US Congress as Policy Advisor to Representative Brian Baird (D-WA). Jamal tweets at @jabdi.
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