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When we talk about what is at stake in 2013, we have to talk about what’s happening in hospitals in Iran. 

I’ve heard many stories about how sanctions are hitting innocent Iranians, but even I was shocked when I heard the story of an Iranian American’s aunt who had recently gone to the hospital.  The woman needed IV fluid, but the hospital had run out and was unable to buy more because of sanctions, so they replaced her IV with just water.  And she died, because she couldn’t get something we all take for granted.

This story moved me, but it also moved many other people, because I heard it at a NIAC briefing for the very Congressional staffers who make our sanctions laws. Afterwards, even a staffer for a major sanctions advocate in Congress admitted he was deeply concerned about what he had just learned.

And that sums up why NIAC is so important. 

Without NIAC, these policymakers would never hear about how sanctions are hurting innocent Iranians.  Without your support for NIAC, the world would have never read in the New York Times about how sanctions are leading to discrimination against Iranian Americans by companies like Apple. And without our work together, we would have never lifted sanctions preventing Americans from supporting the humanitarian relief efforts after the devastating earthquake that hit northwest Iran.

NIAC is the only Iranian-American group in Washington standing up for peace, human rights, and the human dignity that is lost when an entire people are subjected to collective punishment for the actions of their undemocratic leaders.

Will you stand with us as we work for a future where we’re at peace, where our government isn’t trying to destroy the livelihood of our relatives in Iran, and where the constant threat of war is finally lifted off the backs of Iran’s pro-democracy forces?

Please make a tax-deductible contribution of $100 – or another amount right for you – and help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 this month to help us keep building a stronger voice for our community.


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