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Foreign Policy: How Iran Played the U.N. -- and Drove the U.S. Nuts

"The secretary-general miscalculated; The Syrian opposition freaked out much more ferociously than he expected. This ended up being a confidence depleting exercise between Iran and the secretary general, the U.S. and Iran, and the U.S. and the secretary general," said Trita Parsi.

CNN: Can New Iran Sanctions Scuttle Deal?

Research Director, National Iranian American Council (NIAC) , Reza Marashi, joins Connect the World to discusses nuclear talks with Iran, and the possible implication of U.S. Congress passing new sanctions: "It's not good cop - bad cop, what congress is doing is good cop - insane cop and this is why..."

Common Dreams: US Public: We Don't Want AIPAC's 'Path to War'

"Lawmakers are feeling the pressure," said Abdi, confirming that "calls and letters to lawmakers overwhelmingly oppose this bill." He added, "You have senators coming out who have co-sponsored this bill now saying they have second thoughts."

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NIAC Press Releases

NIAC Condemns Deadly Shootings at Jewish Center

NIAC sends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of last night's shootings outside of Jewish community centers in Kansas City.

Congress Urges President to Ensure Sanctions Do Not Block Medicine for Iranians

NIAC commends Rep. Moran and all twenty-one Members of Congress who sent a letter to President Obama today supporting necessary action to ensure medicine and humanitarian goods for the Iranian people are not unintentionally blocked for Iranians.

NIAC Applauds Protection of Persepolis Tablets in Chicago

National Iranian American Council applauds a court decision protecting the Persepolis Tablets and other ancient Iranian artifacts from being awarded as damages.

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