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U.S.-Russian Tension and Implications for Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran

Thursday, March 27
10:00 – 11:00 AM
Cannon 210
RSVP Required

Toscano Bijan Khajehpour
Trita Parsi
Amb. Roberto Toscano
President of the  Intercultura 
Foundation; former Italian 
Ambassador to Iran, 2003-2008

Bijan Khajehpour
Managing partner at Atieh

Dr. Trita Parsi (Moderator)
NIAC President; author of
“A Single Roll of the Dice:
Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran."


Despite the administration’s amplification of sanctions against Russia in response to the annexation of Crimea, nuclear negotiations with Iran have been relatively isolated from U.S.-Russian discord.  Just last week, the P5+1 and Iran concluded a second successful round of talks in Vienna.  While some are concerned that Russia could tack closer to Iran in upcoming talks, Russia has gained substantially from sanctions that have cut off Iran’s energy supplies from Europe.  Therefore, successful negotiations with Iran could actually weaken Russia’s influence over the West.