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NIAC's Position on Sanctions

  • NIAC opposes broad sanctions that hurt ordinary Iranians.
  • NIAC supports targeted measures against human rights violators in Iran’s government.
  • NIAC supports removing restrictions on Internet communication tools, humanitarian relief, and human rights and civil society organizations.

Stand With the Iranian People

For too long, US policymakers have focused exclusively on imposing broad-brush sanctions that fail to distinguish between Iran’s government and its people. Iranians have lived under a double burden for decades, suffering not only under the repression of their own government, but also struggling with hardships imposed by US sanctions. Even as Iranians have taken to the streets to bravely stand up to Iran’s rulers and demand their rights, US sanctions continue to deny Iranians critical tools and services to advance free expression, promote human rights and civil society, and connect Iranians to the world community.

NIAC is leading the call for a new US approach to Iran—one that decreases pressure on the Iranian people while simultaneously increasing pressure on Iran’s rulers. NIAC has worked to eliminate US restrictions that block Iranians from communicating via the Internet and prevent US human rights, civil society, and relief organizations from working in Iran. At the same time, NIAC supports precision sanctions focused squarely on human rights abusers who repress the Iranian people. By eliminating restrictions that punish innocent Iranians and tightening sanctions targeting Iran’s government, the United States can stand with the Iranian people.