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workshopMany in the Iranian-American community follow politics and are politically aware, but do not know how to translate that interest into concrete action. NIAC’s Demystifying Democracy Individual Influence Seminar – conducted in over 30 cities nationwide to date – trains community members on how to influence policy beyond voting and donating money, how to frame an issue for maximum impact on an intended audience, how to write effective letters to be published by newspaper and magazine editors, and how to set-up meetings with your elected officials to develop a long term relationship with your lawmaker. NIAC believes that Iranian Americans can make a difference for our community and our country.

For more information on our workshop, email us at



‘Mehmoonak’ Action Gatherings


Brand new for 2010 are NIAC’s Mehmoonak Action Gatherings, where a small number of friends, family and neighbors get together at an individual’s home to take action on issues vital to the Iranian-American community. This is a chance for you and your friends to get together for a lively discussion on critical issues, to meet other NIAC members near you, and to take action to make your voices heard. Mehmoonaks are an opportunity for a handful of dedicated individuals to make a real difference.

For a guide on throwing a Mehmoonak, please click here. For guidelines on writing letters to your elected officials, click here.



FundraiserAs three-quarters of NIAC's annual budget comes from members and friends of Iranian-American community, we depend on the support that you give us at fundraisers held around the country. These fundraisers typically feature remarks from Members of Congress, experts discussing the latest US-Iran news, and oftentimes musical or dance performances. Fundraisers are organized by NIAC's Outreach team in conjunction with a Host Committee comprised of NIAC Board and/or Advisory Board Members and local supporters.

Interested in organizing or attending a fundraiser in your city? Contact the Outreach team


Meet & Greet Networking Reception

meet and greetNIAC Meet & Greet Networking Receptions provide an opportunity for those unfamiliar with NIAC to come out and meet staff and supporters in an intimate yet professional environment. Meet & Greets typically take place in a lounge, office or residence, and may feature a short presentation about the organization by a staff member or supporter.

To host a Meet & Greet, please send an email to


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